Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service
to family, community and North Carolina

with a forward by NC State First Lady
Mrs. Susan Woodson



A 300 page coffee table quality book highlighting the past of Extension Home Demonstration and the impact of Family & Consumer Sciences and its Extension & Community Association volunteers.

    Did you know Family & Consumer Sciences and the Extension & Community Association are responsible for:

  • war bond sales that provided over one-half of the $4 million cost for the WWI hospital ship, Larkspur?
  • libraries and book mobiles in many rural counties?
  • hot lunch programs in North Carolina’s rural schools?
  • raising $100,000 from “butter and egg” money to jump-start state funding for the Jane S. McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education at NC State?
  • helping bring electricity to North Carolina’s rural citizens?

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service can also be purchased from your County Extension Office.

  A Special Project of the North Carolina FCS Foundation and the North Carolina ECA Foundation.

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Susan Brame

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