Each year, the Alumni Association invites incoming NC State students (freshmen and transfers) with alumni parents or grandparents to a barbecue luncheon under an enormous tent on Stafford Commons. This event celebrates those alumni who make NC State a family tradition.

This festive affair includes a Wolfpack welcome from Chancellor Randy Woodson, Alumni Association Executive Director Benny Suggs ’69 and the current student body president. Students meet representatives from the college they will be attending and fellow students who will be their new classmates.

The luncheon concludes with an emotional ceremony where alumni parents “pin” their incoming student with a special legacy pin that denotes their NC State heritage. In a grand finale, the NC State Marching Band, “The Power Sound of the South,” leads everyone in alma mater and the fight song.

Questions? Contact Kathy Hart, associate executive director for marketing and communications, at 919.515.0508 or k_hart@ncsu.edu.

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